New Children’s Book: Short Pump Bump!

I’m proud to announce the release of my first picture book, Short Pump Bump! A Lyrical, Spherical, Rhyming Romp Through Richmond, written by author¬†Angie Miles and published by Belle Isle Books. It’s a collection of fun poems about the various people, places, and event that help make Richmond, Virginia such a great place to live.

Short Pump Bump illustrated by Scott DuBar
Short Pump Bump | Client: Brandylane Publishers



















Below are a few illustrations from the book. You can order your very own copy from Belle Isle Books,, and

Hello Up There! by illustrator Scott DuBar
Hello Up There! | Client: Brandylane Publishers
Easter Bonnets on Parade by illustrator Scott DuBar
Easter Bonnets on Parade
Opportunity Time illustrated by Scott DuBar
Opportunity Time | Client: Brandylane Publishers

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